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Welcome to Proximity Technology, a market-leading specialist in the domain of proximity, authenticity and automation solutions for public and private sector organizations. We know that every client and their objectives are unique, hence our approach is expertly tailored, with high levels of service and attention being our hallmark, and innovation at the heart of everything we do. We combine the latest Proximity technologies with Mobile Application and Web Applications to bring a cutting-edge solution for our customers.

About Us

About Proximity Technology Inc.


Proximity Technology is a software company that provides innovative solutions for technical challenges that many enterprises face, including the use of turnkey cloud and mobile automation solutions. We remain consistently abreast of evolving technologies and provide our customers with the most up to date and advanced services and products to ensure the highest efficiencies and performance.

Based in New Jersey, Proximity Technology focuses on automating your every day processes, specializing in Workforce Attendance Management and Waste Weight Automation solutions through mobile and web-based Technologies. Proximity Technology has a strategic tie-up with Dubai Leading Technologies, a company with 15 years of lineage offering its customers a diverse array of software solutions and services to meet their workforce management and customer engagement requirements. Headquartered in Dubai, with a showroom in Abu Dhabi, Dubai Leading Technologies has been developing and implementing solutions for Fortune 500 companies and Government entities in UAE.

About Us

Our Team

Kenneth Volet

President and CEO

Mr. Volet brings more than thirty years of technical research, systems operations and senior management experience to the Company. Prior to Proximity Technology, Mr. Volet was Chief Executive Officer of RantNetwork...Read more

Sanjukta Ray

Director and Board Member

A veteran in the IT industry, and a natural innovator, Sanjukta Ray is the Co-Founder and Director of Proximity Technology Inc. A technocrat at heart, Sanjukta is the CEO of Dubai Leading Technologies...Read more

Marwan Akeel

Head Middle Eastern Operations ( based in KSA)

Mr. Akeel has over twenty years of experience in sales and mediation. Prior to Proximity Technology, Mr. Akeel was the Business Development Manager of For Your Total Care Online, a leading independent...Read more

Sharanya Vidyashankar

Chief Technical Officer

Ms. Sharanya Vidyashankar has 8 plus years of experience in the software industry specializing in Business Intelligence and Database, Data Visualization and Data Warehouse sector. Upon successful completion of her Bachelor's degree...Read more

Our Products

Our Latest, Advanced And Easy To Use Proximity Technology


mAccess Attendance Management System

Monitor and track the attendance of your employees through our in-built and...



Automate your weight records, right from the weighing machine ...


Membership and Loyalty Solutions

Engaging with and managing your customers or members has never been...



Our pre-paid cashless solutions, based on NFC technology is ideal for...